Project Summary

Ill Bred clothing. Geared toward a younger target audience, 15 - 25 demographic, the brand was focused on enticing extreme sport followers who had something to say. Their brand needed to reflect that. It was raw, gritty and honest. People who wore these shirts weren't afraid to have a voice. The project involved that I develop the logo, identity system and all of the graphics. More examples are available, feel free to email me a request for more work.

Ill Bred logo

Logo Design

t-shirt graphic design

T-Shirt Graphic

logo t-shirt

Logo On Shirt

Project Summary

This project had various elements to design. The logo was used for response cards as well as invitations. I created custom table numbers to match the font and overall aesthetic. The invite layout was screen printed, thus had to be good for one color. The couple was married at a rustic location and felt that the invites and decor should match a laid back, more homey charm.


Logo Design

table numbers

Custom Table Numbers


Invite Layout