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Mobile App Design


Brews & Fewd is a mobile app passion project. I wanted to create an app that would assist craft beer enthusiasts to better pair their beer selections with food or other similar beer tastes depending on preferences set by each user. Brews & Fewd would essentially be your beer sommelier. Reading beer descriptions without proper knowledge has become overwhelming and at times, uninsightful. The app would help users pair or try new beers with or without food. The app would allow bars and restaurants to add their food and beverage menus to the app for more accurate pairing suggestions. Premium (paid) user accounts would allow users to display their critic status, number of reviews, user review scores and accrue critic points.

Primary goals for the app;

  • Limited typing required to create a suggestion or review
  • Allows users to set taste preferences that will filter pairings and suggestions
  • Incentivize users to create suggestions
  • Offer a premium membership account for bars, restaurants and users to advertise critic status and menus
brews & fewd graphic

Getting Started

My role as the UI/UX Designer was to conduct initial research for the app concept in the form of user interviews, app research and eventually, user testing. Once user research and testing was conducted and organized, feedback was interpreted and used to develop lo-fi wireframes, mid-fi wireframes and eventually, a full fledged prototype for user testing. The following iterative process was used throughout the stages of research and design;

  • Conduct initial research, user interviews, app research etc.
  • Extrapolate user interview feedback into feature mapping priority tree
  • Design lo-fi wireframes
  • Conduct user testing
  • Integrate findings into mid-fi wireframes
  • Create hi-fi mockups and prototypes for user testing
  • Integrate findings into prototype

Research & Strategy

Five inidividuals who identified themselves as craft beer drinkers were interviewed and from my initial research, the app concept was well received. Most agreed that craft beer was becoming increasingly diverse, complex and at times, even confusing. Labels used terms that were not known and not helpful when choosing new beers.

Interesting feedback from initial user interviews;

  • Will the app include filtering preferences for specific diets (ie. - keto, paleo, vegan)
  • Could users "friend" one another for beer swapping purposes from various geographic locations
  • Users wanted a process that would take less than 3 minutes to create a paring suggestion
  • Would images be used for pairing suggestions, in app camera access?
  • Would the app include a "beer dictionary" for unfamiliar terms

The Process


Final Prototype

brews and fewd final mockup

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As this is a passion project, I've not yet raised the funding needed to develop the app into a full-fledged mobile application available for public use. At this time, I continue to work on the design and improve user interface layouts when time permits. I would eventually like to partner with a mobile app developer to make this app an option for the public.

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